About ICI

The International Civilitics Institute (ICI) is organized as an unincorporated association for the purpose of researching, promoting, teaching, and developing civilitic principles. Because this is an unusual structure for this sort of organization, we offer the following explanations:

Why international? Civilitics is a human principle that is neither bounded by borders nor currency systems, as is the case in monetary systems. Although the ICI currently has associate trustees only in the USA, membership is open worldwide and the organization is operated without any national bias.

Why unincorporated? Having a primary interest in civilitics (gift economics), the principles of the ICI are at odds with the affairs of finance and profit, the management of which are among the main reasons for incorporating. While most organizations need to manage finances in some way, the ICI notwithstanding, we believe it is important to the integrity of this organization not to incorporate.

Why an association? Since the ICI does not operate under a corporate charter, there is no organizational entity to take legal or financial action. In keeping with civilitic principles, in which individual humans take independent action for the greater good, we rely upon the associate trustees of the ICI to take all necessary actions on its behalf.

How is money handled by ICI? The affairs of the ICI are handled by its associate trustees. Wherever possible, we encourage supporters to make gifts directly to our associate trustees who will use those resources to properly oversee the institution and keep operations running. Such gifts can be of any kind, including money.

Completing the picture

These reasons are a reflection of the Institute’s commitment to civilitic principles. As a civilitic organization (to the extent that any organization can be civilitic in a world without a civilitic framework), we rely upon the contributions of our associate trustees in gifts of time, energy,  and resources, to continue day-to-day operations. In turn, our associates depend upon contributions from the world community to meet their own needs and to have the needed resources for supporting the ICI itself.


Creating an alternative to explicit and implicit economic dependence