Quasi-civilitic Sites and Organizations

The following list of quasi-civilitic sites and organizations is an effort by the ICI to track and characterize existing civilitic bahavior. Several criteria are necessary for inclusion on this list:

  • The product or service be provided free from monetary cost.
  • The organization must be accessible without membership fees.
  • The organization is globally accessible (small-scale local organizations are too numerous to include).

This is a work in progress. Please feel free to contact us if  you are aware of an organization missing from this list.

Digital Media
Pixabay – public domain digital images
FreePD – public domain music
Freecycle – freely-available goods
Be Welcome – hospitality exchange
Couchsurfing – travel made richer by connections
Global Freeloaders – free worldwide accommodations
Hospitality Club – connects hosts and guests
Information and Broadcasting
Wikipedia – free access to information
National Public Radio (USA) – free broadcast content
Pacifica Network – free broadcast content
Public Broadcasting Service – free broadcast content
Public Radio International – free broadcast content
GNU/Linux Operating System – GNU is always free (libre) and usually free (gratis)
Apache Software Foundation – Provides software products for the public good
Miscellaneous Services
Kindista – freely-available goods and services
Klout – free “perks”

Creating an alternative to explicit and implicit economic dependence